We are all in this together...

We are in exceptional times – as a result of Coronavirus our helpline nurses are dealing with unprecedented numbers of calls and emails from worried patients and we want to be here for everyone. It is vital that we can meet this increased demand for our services.

At this time, it is important to stay connected with loved ones to help get through this together and reduce loneliness. Getting together virtually with family, friends or colleagues is a great way to keep in touch, plan activities you can look forward to and support the Trust at the same time.

You can do virtual events at any time via any channel - Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Whats App video, or Facebook live. A donation on what you would have spent if you did these activities outside of your home will help us to keep our services going - thank you.

Virtual Dinner

Eating out is off the agenda, so how about dinner with loved ones over Zoom or Facetime instead? Share good food virtually & consider donating the cost of a restaurant meal or taxi fare to the Trust.

Virtual Brew

Catch up with loved ones over a virtual brew & together we can all get through this, plus a cuppa always hits the spot. All we ask in return is for a donation similar to the cost of a café coffee.

Virtual fitness challenge

Whether you have a treadmill at home, or have been participating in online fitness videos, why not make it a fundraiser? On your own or set up a 'virtual' team to get fit and raise funds together.

Virtual Quiz

If you're a regular quizzer, you can still keep your brains ticking with an online quiz, which is free to set up & invite loved ones to join you. We will send you more details on registration.

Virtual movie night

Dig out your favourite classic movies, or join a Netflix party and donate the cost of a cinema ticket and cinema food.

Virtual dress up (or down!) day

Liven up your work day from home & connect with colleagues by hosting a dress up - or down day. Dare each other to wear the silliest outfits, share your pics & donate to the Trust at the same time.

Go Live for Liver

Whether you play an instrument, sing, dance, why not put on a live (or pre-recorded) demo or gig for loved ones or on social media for a donation.