Innsbruck to Leeds Cycle

August 24 - August 31

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Cycle from the venue of the UCI World Championships in 2018, Innsbruck, to the venue for the 2019 Championships in Yorkshire!

Innsbruck to Leeds - Fundraise All

Fundraise All

You will pay a 200 registration fee and commit to fundraise 2,500 excluding Gift Aid by Wednesday 24th July 2019. (Tour costs will be paid out of your fundraising)


Innsbruck to Leeds - Self Fund

Self Fund

You will pay a 200 registration fee and pay the tour costs of 1,500 yourself. You are then pledging to raise 1,000 excluding Gift Aid for Leeds Cares by no later than Wednesday 24th July 2019.


An eight day epic cycle from the home of last year’s World Road Championships to Yorkshire, where it will be held in September 2019.

Take it in turns to carry the rainbow flag on this group cycle which includes accommodation and flights.

For full event details and itinerary*, download our information pack here.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions about the ride here.

*Please note the itinerary is subject to change